Columbus' own, Anointed, has been celebrated and acknowledged for pioneering a unique sound, that crossed cultural and musical lines.  Their infectious harmonies collaborating with noteworthy musical production, heart felt songs and spirited performances, helped to break down barriers of genre, styles, and markets.  These trailblazers accomplished what few artist were able to, which was to appeal to a broad, multi-ethnic following, during their career.

Da'Dra Greathouse, Nissi Walls Allen, Mary Tiller Woods, and Steve Crawford, known as Anointed, were joined together during their youth.  They were unified by the same vision and passion, which included encouraging, inspiring, and bringing hope to the world, through their music.  What started as a local, then regional ministry, eventually blossomed into a worldwide, international reach, garnering countless opportunities of exposure, which propelled the group forward into tours and concerts, thereby fulfilling their vision.

For their musical contributions, the group has received multiple Grammy nominations, Dove and Stellar Awards, to name a few.  Though grateful for the prestigious awards, what has remained true is the collective acknowledgement that what has been accomplished has been done so by the goodness and grace of God.

The history of Anointed's ministry has served as inspiration for many current artist, song writers, musicians, and producers.  The music continues to inspire generations past and present.  It has also provided a foundation on which each individual from the group have built their various ministries.

What has remained true is that many years later, Anointed has been able to celebrate the power of true friendship and show by example the reality that dreams really do come true.