3 Miles High
(Columbus, Ohio)

The creation of 3 Miles High is a wonderful example of God’s perfect timing and desire to serve others through the musical
gift. After working together in multiple studio sessions, sharing the stage with one another in the midst of worship, social
gatherings, great food, and good times 3 Miles High was born out of spiritual symmetry. Formally known as Animated
Rebels, in 2018 the group announced a special addition and changed the name to 3 Miles High. Singer Corey Jarrell has a
message of hope and forgiveness that stems from his musical experiences. Rapper Marsune Roe is very straight forward
and began performing locally as a solo Christian artist early in his career. And music is a part of her DNA, Mikayla Penha
was born into a family of musicians. This singer, rapper, and songwriting trio have decided to throw out every rule the
business told them to follow. It doesn’t matter how long, how many transitions or genres, they find themselves pursuing
one thing – SAVING SOULS, SPREADING THE GOSPEL, and CREATING A NEW WAVE of sound. 3 Miles High is here to tear
down musical barriers of what “Christian” music is supposed to sound and feel like.