Amante Lacey
(Columbus, Ohio)

His heart, mind, and soul seek to worship the true and living God who is the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God, from
Everlasting to Everlasting who reigns in the midst of us forever. Like most artists, Amante grew up singing in the church
and school choir. He eventually sang background for local & national gospel artists and groups. After serving faithfully
God saw fit to bring Amante to the forefront. During this time he began to not only sing under a greater anointing, but to
write and play as well. Fresh lyrics and sounds were being released in the corporate worship experience that brought life
and healing to all who were there. His adamant love and passion for Christ would soon unite him with believers of other
races, faiths, and ages and together they would sing “The Song of the Lord.” Amante has written songs for Grammy and
Stellar award-winning artists, all being singles. Amante has released two records, each record giving you a different
worship experience.