Anointed & Appointed
(Dayton, Ohio)

In 2009, Anointed and Appointed began with a solo dancer who was being obedient to the call of God. Through that obedience, God formed a spirit-filled, anointed, a biblically based ministry whose main purpose is to glorify God and not themselves. Their purpose is to set the atmosphere for worship and to minister to the body of Christ through their movements, expressing their love and devotion to God. Anointed and Appointed are members of Upper Room House of Mercy, under the leadership of Pastor Betty Thomas, who teaches them to seek God for themselves and to live holy according to the word of God. Anointed and Appointed motto is practice makes it comfortable, in being comfortable you can perform it. Your performance should then become personal, when it becomes personal it produces praise and that praise leads to ministry. Anointed and Appointed sees their ministry going wherever God leads them. They would love to expand their ministry all over the world while continuing to show others that through the obedience of accepting your call, God will always show up!