Terrence Dooley

Born August 25, Ministry Terrence Dooley was raised in a Christian home by Joe and Linda Dooley and was taught to fear and reverence the Lord Jesus Christ. After a riveting message by Bishop Odell McCollum, Minister Dooley gave his life to Christ and was called and anointed to preach the Word of God from an early age. He is a graduate of Westerville South High School and received his post-secondary education from Wright State University and later transferred to University of Phoenix where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. Minister Dooley is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, recording artist, and producer. He is highly sought after for revivals, conventions, and conferences. Terrence Dooley and his group Testimony has received the following Kingdom Image Awards: 2015 Small Group/Duo of the Year; 2016 Best Group Performance, 2016 Album of the Year and 2016 Artist of the Year. The group is currently working on their third album.

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