Ashley Winston
(Chicago, Illinois)

Ashley Winston is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, author, speaker, and breakthrough strategist. With over 15 years of experience in teaching and coaching in both personal and business settings, she helps people win and provides them with the necessary keys to unlock their peak performance. Her gifts and unique skill set have landed her a wide range of opportunities both here and abroad. From classrooms to churches to corporations, Ashley Winston has worked with over 10,000 youth, 50 Chicago Public Schools, and more than 70 organizations. Ashley Winston is the Founder and Creative Director of Break Free Be Unstoppable and the host of Break Free podcast, where she teaches people how to show up, tell the truth and do the work so they can live God’s best for their lives. She is the author of three books, Break Free: Unlock Your God-Given Potential & Unleash You're Unstoppable, You Are Enough, and 7 Secrets to Living Your Best Life.

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