Bishop Roger Hairston & Voices of Deliverance

Get ready to “have church.” Gripping vocals and a traditional church choir sound are the ingredients of Bishop Roger J. Hairston, Sr. & the Voices of Deliverance. Bishop Roger J. Hairston, Sr. can be described using many adjectives; we find he is talented, studious, zealous, determined, energetic, and an anointed man of God. As a pastor, he is both a gift and gifted. When God baptized him, he gave Bishop Hairston a voice and the power to preach His Word. He also gave him the ability to sing, direct, write and play. At the age of 16, his hands were anointed by his oldest brother Richard. And without any music lessons, Hairston suddenly began to plan the organ and piano. With the help of God his talents grew and prospered. Over the years, Bishop Hairston has worked with several choirs and groups and also recorded with the Gospel Music Workshop of America and the Church of the Living God mass choir. Currently, Bishop Hairston works with his own church choir, the Voices of Deliverance, affectionately known as the “Voices” – a small church choir with a big sound.

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