Chang3 (pronounced change) is a Christian rapper who is musically literate, well-spoken, and enthusiastic about pursuing his passion for music and ministry. He resides in Virginia Beach, VA where his music career began. As a gospel rapper and minister, his mission is to use his craft as a vehicle to help youth and young adults understand the reality of living the gospel in everyday life. Chang3 began writing, singing, and rapping at the age of 16 when he accepted Christ into his life. He uses the name Chang3 because he believes that all Christians are called to be agents of Chang3 (Matthew 5:13-16). Chang3 uses the tagline “not my show,” to remind himself and others to do everything to the glory and honor of God. It is only god’s presence that equips, guides, and instills in us what is necessary for achievement.

God has blessed him as an indie artist to start a clothing line, publish a book, and minister, as well as witness the lord move in the prophetic, healing, and worship.

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