Chantel Varnado
(Chicago, Illinois)

Chantel, born and raised in Englewood of Chicago, IL. She is a woman that is actively engaged in the reconciliation of the church, back to the Father by means of intercultural inclusion and worship. Chantel has been working in the ministry since the age of 12 through gifts of worship and administration. Chantel has worked as a Worship Arts Director and has been a worship leader and a speaker in different denominations for church services, conferences, and retreats. Chantel is a member of the Kingdom United Collective. As a result, she equips other worship leaders to do the same as the CEO of the Kingdom Training Academy, which she and her husband developed and oversees. Chantel has been featured on many worship projects and has just recorded her first worship album entitled Kingdom United. Chantel currently serves as the Worship Arts Director at Grace and Peace church in the Austin area of Chicago, IL.

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