Young Saint

Bryan “Young Saint” Carter is a Hip Hop and Inspirational Spoken Word Lyricist from North Carolina.  The zeal behind his music is driven by his desire to see people, young and young at heart become successful in life.  He believes if people are willing to listen to him, it’s imperative he has something to say.  June 2014, he released his first official album “Favor Ain’t Fair”.  This album brought him great success with internet and terrestrial radio as well as numerous performance events.  June 2016, he released his second album “Transition”.  He is currently promoting and traveling the world with his new music.  He is striving every day to learn more in the music business and better himself as a professional.  His goals include helping to change lives for the good and only seeks to contribute his part in helping to change the world for the better – starting with him.

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