Chris Bender
(Roxbury, Massachusetts)

Born in Stoughton, Massachusetts and raised by his mother in Brockton, Massachusetts, Christopher Bender was
surrounded by a loving and God-fearing environment. With a foundation built on the love of God, Chris grew up watching
his family serve and operate in ministry. At age seven, Chris felt compelled to know Christ as his personal savior. At age
13, it was revealed to Chris that his purpose was to minister through worship, leading Chris to where he is today, sharing
the love and gospel of Christ to the world. He currently serves as a worship leader at Mt. Olive Kingdom Builders Worship
Center (Boston, Massachusetts) under Bishop& Lady Robert C. Perry II. Serving also, as a District Worship & Arts Director
as well as the International Youth and Young Adult (YYA) Music Director for the Mount Calvary Holy Churches of America
Inc. under the leadership of Arch Bishop Alfred A. Owens. Chris is a firm believer in service to the local assembly. Chris's
desire is to see to it that the believers of God are instructed on the essence of vertical worship & ultimately placed before
the presence of our Almighty King.