Chris Wesley & Undignified Praise

Fall 2008, God gave Pastor Chris Wesley a vision to form a group of young college-aged believers who were adamant about expressing praises to God through song. This group of young people came to be called UNDIGNIFIED PRAISE, based 2 Samuel 6:22. Undignified Praise, better known as UDP, is comprised of men and women whose purpose and priority is to bring glory to God in song, and in lifestyle. Some have graduated from college, others have gotten married and started their own families, and others are involved in full-time ministry. It is the primary goal of UDP to be an example to all people, specifically young people, of the great things God can do in the lives of willing vessels. Armed with the word of God, powerful testimonies and unique giftedness, UDP not only leads people into God's presence through worship but continues to chase after the heart of God daily.

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