Christian Anderson (Greensboro, North Carolina)

What makes a great worship leader isn’t the ability to sing pretty songs but a gift that ushers the people of God into His
presence. Christian Anderson has been endowed by God to do just that. A worship leader who has been hailed as an
“Anointed Powerhouse”, she’s been blessed to sing background vocals for such Gospel greats. Christian is grateful for
the amazing opportunities and the recognition she’s received, but at the end of the day, she just wants to give glory to
God and uplift the saints. This woman of God has come a mighty long way, hailing from Jackson, TN, Christian has been
belting out melodies since she was a little girl. With a mother as a preacher and a father as a minister of music, church
was in her blood – and so was music. Leading songs at age 9, she woke up and went to bed singing. She ultimately ended
up serving as a choir member and a praise and worship leader at her church. Eventually leaving Jackson, TN and moving
to Greensboro, NC, Christian experienced a very turbulent season in her life. After the trial was over and with a renewed
commitment to the Lord, she found herself at Evangel Fellowship in Greensboro. The church gave her an opportunity to
heal and she embraced music ministry fully again. It was during that time she birthed the project, I’m An Overcomer. As
she worked through issues like rejection, depression, oppression, broken relationships and abuse, she eventually realized
that she hadn’t just survived; she had overcome. With just one listen to I’m An Overcomer, it’s abundantly clear that
Christian Anderson loves to worship.