(Champaign, Illinois)

From the time of birth, the ministry has been a major part of these anointed sister’s lives. Growing up in a household where
their father was a word bound biblical scholar and pastor in the Church of God In Christ, and mother an evangelist; they
were destined to spread God’s word. Starting as a youth, they were known as “The Davis Sisters”, a name many associate
them with today. As they matured and their love for God was exalted through their harmonious voices, their father came
up with the name DãVizion. Currently, the group consisting of all five sisters – Tramaine (Musician, Songwriter, Vocals), Val,
April, Jodi, and Danessa (all vocalist). The style and flair they possess, along with the deep love of Christ and His word is
expressed through the passion. Their music penetrates your heart and soul and they leave the congregation or audience
believing God Is Awesome, and most of all, come what may, Ephesians 3:20.