Destinee Fitzpatrick

As the child of a Minister of Music and granddaughter of an accomplished musician and singer, Destinee’ gained exposure to various types of Gospel music.  Just as she began to get comfortable with leading the church choir, she was diagnosed with nodules on her vocal cords.    She went through many years of vocal distress wondering if she misunderstood who God was developing her to be.  She was warned by the doctors that if she continued to sing, she would lose her singing and speaking voice.  In her heart, she knew that God makes no mistakes.  So, she branched out and added acting to her gift of song and started acting in plays.

Destinee’ has participated in Upon This Rock: The Passion Play and still loves reaching people through theatre and song. She is currently a member of the RevNation family and has participated in the 2022 Hope Tour as well as The Motown Special. She is a proud member of New Direction Church under Pastor Kenneth E. Sullivan Jr.  Destinee’ is looking forward to what God has in store for her as an Independent Gospel Artist.  Her first single “My Everything (U R)” is a testament to who God is in her life and she knows the setbacks in her life are set ups for what’s to come.

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