Dr. Courtney Hendrix

Prophetess Dr. Courtney P. Hendrix is a native of Chicago, Illinois that currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Courtney is rooted and grounded in the principles of Christ and Christ alone. God has birthed in her a national and international ministry. She attended the Chicago College of Performing Arts, Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois, studying and completing the Evangelical Divinity Program (specialized in Christian Counseling), Canaan School of Ministry in Douglasville, Georgia, studying and completing the program of Theology and Divinity; she is also a Certified Master Life Coach. Courtney has obtained an Associates of Science in Nursing, Bachelors of Business in Human Resource Management, Masters of Education (specializing in Christian Education), and a Doctorate of Theology as well as a Doctorate of Administration. Courtney P. Hendrix is a born and ordained Prophet, as well as the Senior Pastor of Restored Vessel Ministries; she is also the founder and director of Restoring the Vessel 5 Fold Ministry Education and Training Center. Courtney’s focus is to draw the unchurched; those who have been rejected, used, abused, battered, shamed, and hurt. She also has a strong focus on Women’s Ministry, where she helps usher broken and hurt women into a posture of healing, deliverance and liberty; she is THE PURPOSE MIDWIFE! Courtney has recently written and published a work titled, “The Hidden Hurts of a Woman’s Heart - Intentionally Healing Hurts Through the Word of God.” Courtney believes there is no mountain to high or valley to low that would ever be able to keep God from reaching for you, because you are worth saving!

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