Egypt Speaks
(Cleveland, Ohio)

To answer who I am as a person, I could always give the biographical facts. Things like I was born in Euclid, Ohio. I could explain throughout grade school I was bullied for anything imaginable and that my self-confidence and self-esteem was greatly diminished. I loved music, but the art of poetry drew me in at a young age. I could say that I began my artistry at the age of 8 and started traveling. I could say that I have been blessed to tour and to speak to generations since, but that would not help you understand who I am. To give an overview of who I am as an artist, I could show you I am a spoken word artist. I could tell you who I have shared the stage with; I could tell you that I am ranked 1st in the state of Ohio, 2nd in the country, and 3rd in the world in spoken word. None of that will help you understand who I am and why I do what I do. Who I am as a human, however, will help you understand where I find my identity; I am just a person who has been labeled by many different things that for a while I never could figure out who I was. I share my story because I can personally attest to the fact that your story holds power. Throughout my time as an artist I have seen the power of God in stories. My mission is to show anyone looking for answers to their purpose that they are loved, that they are cherished, and that they are kept. Simply put, I am simply a perfectly broken person who serves a perfectly whole God.