(El Paso, Texas)

To evolve is to live in a constant state of learning, often chameleonic and with detours off the path you first set out to
conquer. Emcee N.I.C.E. a veteran Hip Hop artists, producer, writer, and all-around creative has been climbing a long and
winding ladder of musical leadership. Yet all along, the impact N.I.C.E. has been grinding hardest to achieve is as a man
with an uplifting message of love, optimism, and Christian inspiration tailor-made to change the lives of urban youth that
need them the most. N.I.C.E’s path has triumphantly led to the independent chart-topping success of his first single I Got
Angels and debut album Praise – faith fortified message music bonded with the street heat of urban pop’s hottest hits
and most importantly powerful metaphorical lyrics kicked by a wise young brother who has lived, strived, and studied
which he speaks. Additionally, as an author and co-creator of the urban animated series Da Jammies the first black
animated music series for kids on Amazon Prime, N.I.C.E. knows no creative limits. His name as a performer was originally
Novelist. Today his acronym N.I.C.E. stands for Novelist Is Constantly Evolving. N.I.C.E. defines his 14 song album as a
celebration of Christ with a blend of scripture and creative metaphors that give the listener spiritual food for thought.