GuiDance Dance Ministry
(South Holland, Illinois)

GuiDance Dance Ministry originated from Kingdom Word Ministries International, where our pastor is Apostle Tony C. and Pastor Tracey R. Parker. Their mission is “Changing the way we do “Praise Dancing”. They have traveled to many different places spreading the gospel of Christ. GuiDance Dance Ministry continues to do community outreach projects where they teach youth (ages 6-21) how to praise dance and step. They have also volunteered at homeless shelters and sent letters of encouragement to prisons. GuiDance Dance Ministry chose to embark on this journey because so often, the ministry of dance is misconstrued as an entertainment piece to put in service. The GuiDance Dance Ministry’s motto is "Dance Like You Never Won." Minister Because You Never Lost. Through the ministry, they tell the story of how excellent Christ has been, is being, and will always be in our lives.

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