Hayden Jackson

Hayden was born to Kevin and Lisa Jackson and is an Ohio native studying Music Arts at Wright State University. Hayden served in the music ministry at the Church of Jesus Family Center in Springfield, Ohio under the leadership of his surrogate grandfather, the late Bishop Cecil Pratt. Hayden developed a fond for music at an early age and could play the piano by ear at the age of eight. At age 11, Hayden began mastering the piano, playing a unique variety of gospel music ranging from old spirituals and hymns to traditional and contemporary, blended with a hint of classical. Hayden is the founder and director of H.C. Jackson and God’s Vision, a choir comprised of members of various faiths and ages. Hayden performs and teaches at various gospel music and religious conferences, conventions, and workshops in the presence of gospel greats. Hayden continues to perform and minister around the world displaying God’s healing, delivering, and saving power through the gift of music.

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