Keep Pushing Promotions
(Columbus, Ohio)

KEEP PUSHING PROMOTIONS is a reasonably priced social media promotions company with a heart for the both
Independent & Major Artists, Churches, & the Brands of tomorrow. The goal of KEEP PUSHING PROMOTIONS is to bring
social media awareness to artists, businesses, events, brands, and more. KEEP PUSHING PROMOTIONS social media brings
social media awareness through platforms such as Twitter, Instagram (IG), Facebook, and the infamous FB Live chats once
a week. As a company KEEP PUSHING PROMOTIONS prefers to let the work and the results do the talking. Founded by
Gabriel Tyus in 2015, KEEP PUSHING PROMOTIONS was named from a word that was spoken to him from a former First
Lady when he was going through a difficult time (was trying to kill himself). While the company is new, the name and the
grind behind the company has been going for quite some time. Nine years & counting the man behind the brand has been
trusted to serve in many capacities from some of the industry’s finest Independent and Major Artists and the doors are
still opening!