Kelli Bolton
(Columbus, Ohio)

Kelli is a faithful member of Agape Family Worship Center under the leadership of Pastor Yolanda Tolliver where she is actively involved in ministry. She enjoys fellowship with family, friends, and the body of Christ. Writing since a young girl, it has been the one thing that has given her a sense of purpose. It was only after attending a church service early 2000 that she discovered her passion for writing was actually a gift from God. She self-published her first novel You Said You Loved Me (2010) a Christian fiction book addressing teen dating/domestic violence. In 2011, debuted the stage play of You Said You Loved Me. In 2012, she released novel Church Gossip and adapted it into an independent Christian film debuting 2015. Kelli is an author with a passion to share words that bring hope, healing, and life to her readers.