Krash Krew

Krash Krew’s phenomenal rise to gospel prominence began in 2000.  Formulating out of Indy’s Youth Gospel Music Camp, Krash Krew made their debut at the Gospel Music Workshop of America, the dance style of Krash Krew instantly become a hit.  Among their accomplished goals include several accomplished plays and music videos, multi-media opportunities to spread the gospel through dance.  With their innovative style and ground breaking choreography, Krash Krew also finds the time to give back by participating and contributing in community events with great causes.  This includes participating in churches services, youth rallies, government and state ceremonies honoring prominent elected officials to include mayors, congressman, political, social and religious leaders.   The goal of Krash Krew is to have Kingdoms Restored And Souls Healed through Dance.  They encourage all people to dare to be different and make a difference.

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