Lil Noovie
(Marietta, Georgia)

Newton “Alexx” Sloan AKA LIL NOOVIE is a talented 16-year old sophomore at Pebblebrook High School and Chattahoochee Tech College, participating in the Dual Enrollment Program. Noovie has a special love for God and Contemporary Gospel/Hip Hop music, expressing his passion as a musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. He has been singing and playing piano since age six and has grown to a new level in his art. Noovie participated in the elementary/middle school Chorus for 5 years, receiving several “Voice” Awards. Noovie has performed at numerous talent showcases and church events. He was a part of "King Singers Music Production" at Hillside Chapel & Truth Center, Atlanta GA, also featured in the "Hillside Poetry Night" at the Defoor Centre, Atlanta GA, and the list goes on. Lil Noovie is a musician of the Free Life Church Movement, under the leadership of Gospel Artist and Pastor Canton Jones. Lil Nooive is featured on Canton Jones’ latest single Lonely. Noovie wrote, produced and released Reign (2018). Noovie enjoys playing basketball, karate and spending time with family. Through his passion for music, he has learned that “Music" is the greatest form of art to uplift the mind, body, and spirit. He has the love of Christ and wants to continue sharing his message through his music to inspire people to keep "Runnin' For Christ”.