Mark Weird
(Louisville, Kentucky)

Mark Weird also knew as Pawn 4 God is a passionate rapper/songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. Mark began to show an interest for music as an adolescent where he would keep notebooks and journals full of raps and spoken words. He noticed it was an outlet for him to speak, vent, and to feel heard. Mark was introduced to God and the church at an early age due to his father being in ministry. Through his God-given talent he released his testimony and expressed God’s grace and mercy through his own struggles and journey. Mark married his wife at age 19 and has been married to Brittany for 14 years and have two amazing kids. Mark and his wife Brittany are the lead youth pastors at All Nations Worship Assembly (Louisville, KY). Pawn4God stands for: A pawn in a chess game is at times the most overlooked piece on the board however it is the first to lay its life down for the King, the first to move with no hesitation, and doesn't go back.

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