Men of God's Heart

Nothing compares to the startling sound of the group Men of God’s Heart, comprised of six tremendously anointed men of God. They have actively been in ministry for over a decade. The group is multifaceted in several areas such as music, serving as Elders/Ministers in their local assembly, supporting men/and young men in the community. Their goal and mission are to display who Christ is through their music, worship and daily lives. They serve the community during the holidays delivering baskets and praying with the less fortunate. They have a love for the community and are involved with multiple mission focused organizations. They are truly “Men” after God’s own heart.

These extraordinary gifts and talents are examples to so many in their local community and abroad. This phenomenal group is comprised of five tremendously anointed men of God. Their unique talent transcends one’s greatest expectations and leaves an indelible impression. The individuals who make up this extraordinary group. Founders Elder Oscar J. Stone, III, and Elder Ronald W. Lyles, Jr., and group members John Lyles and Steve Adams, all who are phenomenal vocalist and businessmen.

If you ever get a chance to encounter one of these amazing men, you will see a character and integrity like no other. You will not be the same when you have a chance to witness or listen to the powerful ministry of MGH.

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