Miami Mass Choir

In 1995, at the suggestion of Rev. Milton Biggham (Executive Producer of Savoy Records), Pastor Marc Cooper sent a clarion call for singers to come together to form a new Choir; more than 100 of South Florida’s gifted singers, songwriters, and musicians responded and organized THE MIAMI MASS CHOIR. The choir debuted their first album “It’s Praying Time” (1997) and gained immediate success, reaching #25 on Billboard charts. They followed up with “Just for You” (1998), “Ole Rickety Bridge” (2000), and “God will see You Through” (2001). After a hiatus of fifteen years, the famed Miami Mass Choir has returned. The choir released it’s recorded its returning album “Live at Adirenne Arsht Center”, and shares the importance of Miami Mass through opportunity to continue the great legacy of promoting local songwriters, musicians, and singers who desire to use their gifts musically.

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