Mike Booker

Michael Booker is a native from Columbus, Ohio and is affectionately called Booker. He credits his passion for God and music ability to his mother, Minister Carolyn Booker. In addition to rearing him in a God fearing home, Minister Carolyn gave Booker his first keyboard at age three. By age eight, he was playing fluently. He completed his fundamental training in music at Fort Hayes Career Center. Shortly thereafter, he become the principal organist and was later promoted to Director Music Department at Jehovah Shammah Church (Apostle Robert Dudley) serving for seven years in fulltime ministry. In 2009, Booker was lead to serve under his father as Minister of Music at Miracle Cathedral (Bishop Jerry Pierce). As he progressed in ministry, Booker was called to accompany many national recording artists, organizations, and churches. Michael currently serves at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church and the New Generation Church.

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