Onyx Hicks

Onyx Hicks is the author of Self Love Club: Party of One, and an executive in one of the largest technology companies in the world, a VP in the NAACP, Executive Director of PRR (a not for profit organization that rebuilds communities one block at a time), she also sits on the board of directors for the Alliance for Safe Traffic Stops, where she works with police officers across the country to improve relations between police officers and the communities they serve.

Onyx is passionate about the lives of others; she is a social activist and advocate. Born and raised in Portsmouth, VA. She is a lover of sugar cookies, and a foodie at heart. She is most fulfilled when she is speaking life, empowering, and leading the charge to shift paradigms and uplift fallen humanity. Her greatest joy is her grandchildren. The most defining moment of her life was being reunited with, and being affirmed by her father, after 40 years a part.

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