Phil Smedley
(Columbus, Ohio)

Phillip Smedley II is a music producer, composer, and musician. He has 20 years of musical experience in piano, drum
performance, and music production. Phillip is a graduate of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida where he holds a
Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Music Production. Phillip lost his beloved wife Latasha in 2016 and is the father of their 3
beautiful children. He currently works and resides in Columbus, Ohio. PTS Music Co. provides quality services creating
radio ads, company jingles, and music production. Music has always been a source of release and love since childhood.
Phillip takes great pleasure in creating and assigning music to various emotions, events, and platforms. He understands
that music has an impact on how a person can feel and approach life. Music is linked to the human mind and can be
shared by all races and backgrounds. This gives Phillip the opportunity to assist clients and help consumers to realize their
musical visions. Phillip's passion for musical creativity is not only beneficial for things he enjoys but helpful for anyone
that he works with. Many people in the world want a way to express themselves, convey an idea, invoke a certain emotion,
but they sometimes lack the knowledge to do so. The goal of PTS Music Co. is to get the song, emotion, company identity
or information the client desires out for public consumption at a level much higher than the client ever thought possible.