Proclamation Gospel Choir

What is now known as Proclamation Gospel Choir began, fall 2002. Eight students gathered in Kelly Prayer Chapel on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University with the desire to sing spiritual music that was uniquely part of their heritage and culture. Within a year, the choir grew significantly to over 80 students of diverse backgrounds. Throughout the years, Proclamation Gospel Choir, affectionately known as PGC, is most recently under the School of Music. PGC has been known for its unique sound, high energy, and ethnic diversity. It is important to note for many years it was a student led and directed organization. Gospel Choir has sung locally and nationally. Gospel Choir is most known for its original arrangement of Ride On King Jesus arranged by Ezekiel Locke. Gospel Choir has also recorded a CD titled Proclaim. In 2017, a new chapter was birthed for Gospel Choir with the selection of Dr. Marvin Jones as Choir Director. The story is still being written about Proclamation Gospel Choir!

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