When your mother is a singer and your father an Original Gospel Keynote, music is in your DNA...literally! Since 3yrs old, Jeffrey “Newbie” Newberry Jr. has performed on international stages with his dad, Jeffrey Newberry Sr. and the Willie Neal Johnson Gospel Keynotes. Having traveled the world as a singer and drummer, it was quartet destiny he would continue that legacy with his group, Provision of Albany, GA , with members Cornelius Drake, Alexander Bouyer, Roosevelt Glover, and Stephen Walden. In May 2006, Jeffrey took a hiatus from DMD to follow his heart and listen to God’s Spirit, leading him to begin Provision. They experienced some early growing pains which strengthened their collective faith to step out and release their first CD, DEVOTION in 2010. Despite the challenges since then, Provision has solidly found their niche and are fully walking in a calling to blend the traditional AND contemporary. Provision blends contemporary gospel and classic southern quartet with an energetic dose of youthful passion, empowering lyrics, tight harmonies, and stirring testimonies. Provision’s recently released CD, SERVICE, highlights this multi-generational appeal. With (3) generations of Newberry on this record, Jeffrey reflects, “having both my dad and son on this project is an AMAZING feeling that goes far beyond the music!

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