R. Allen Frost
(Dayton, Ohio)

R. Allen Frost Jr is a millennial creative who hails from Dayton, Ohio. Born into a musical family, five generations deep, his innate musical sense has been finely honed from birth. He attended one of Dayton’s finest schools, Stivers School for the Arts, where he studied classical piano. Frost’s love for learning led him to pursue training in theatre, design, production, and technology, shaping his professional philosophy to always pursue and present excellence. Though a young man, Frost has had multiple opportunities to synthesize and apply everything he has learned, musically, spiritually, and professionally. In 2018, Frost moved from the band pit to take on the most artistically complicated project of his career, serving as Music Director and Producer. It is his heart’s desire that what he produces goes beyond the sound and creates an opportunity for listeners to encounter the love and power of God.

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