(South Holland, Illinois)

RavO, born Raven McGriff, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. While growing up, her parents realized that she was a peculiar child and creative in many areas. Excelling through arts and music, RavO began playing the piano at age 5. Ever since she developed an ear for music and practiced as much as time would allow. By age 9, the producer was writing and composing songs, recording them on cassette tapes. In November 2007, a fellow producer introduced RavO to music software. RavO has pretty much taught herself everything she knows about music production through experience and trial and error. Starting out (formerly known as Mz. Silhouette), she loved to produce mostly R&B, in which she later became the personal producer for her childhood friend since grade school, Jae Ali. They made a great team and RavO became well known for her R&B slow jams and was often called "The Next Missy Elliot" and/or "The Female Timbaland." However, deep down, there was always conviction because she knew the Lord wanted her to make music for His Kingdom. RavO unexpectedly gave her life to Christ in April 2012. However, it wasn't until about 2014 where she began to produce Gospel and Christian Hip Hop. Recently, the producer began working with an artist, Gabriel Day, and ended up producing his entire third album Church, debuting on seven different Billboard charts. RavO will also be releasing her first album, Beat of My Own Drum. Music production may be her top passion, but RavO loves to create in many other areas. She is also a singer, lyricist, songwriter, mixing engineer, piano composer, drawing artist, painter, graphic designer, web designer, and more. She looks to give God reverence and acknowledgment in everything she creates and does.