Resurrection Mime
(Columbus, Ohio)

Resurrection Missionary Baptist Church Mime Ministry is a dynamic group of youth, women, and men who are committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the unique art form of mime. Resurrection Mime is under the Pastoral Leadership of Dr. John S. Little. Resurrection uses mime to share a depiction of Gods works, through the unspoken word. Our mime is one of our expressions used to praise and worship God. We welcome His Holy presence which is exhorted among the congregation and uplifts, encourages, heals, delivers and saves His people. We recognize that mime is deeper than just movement; souls need to be saved. Every time we minister, it is about the message that God has for you through us! Resurrection Mime, minsters every third Sunday, and has been blessed to minister with other churches within the city of Columbus. Resurrection Mime has a purpose of praise and worship, revitalizing others, savings souls, and being a blessing to our church and community through community service and outreach.