Sarah Charles
(Far Rockaway, New York)

Sarah Charles, broadly known as Sarah Love, is a New York native. She was born and raised in Far Rockaway and has surpassed all the hurdles that have been set to keep her locked out of her life. She grew up in the church but had no true understanding of God and His reason for having her birthed out of wedlock. In her teen years, God introduced himself to
her in the most unorthodox way. It wasn’t a service, a Bible Study, nor a minister that she can give credit to for this introduction. God simply saw that the time was ripe enough to ignite a flame of curiosity. She suddenly began to read the Word of God and become aware of the true Gospel. As she began to gain more understanding, she was introduced to her mentor, who is now her Bishop, Courtney Bradley. He cultivated her gifts, empowered and encouraged her soul, and stretched her faith to be the best person she is called to be. Aside from ministry, she has a passion for the fashion industry, loves to blog, and can slay anyone’s hair. She plans on integrating ministry with fashion styling to empower individuals from the inside out. She believes that everyone should look like the greatness invested within.