Shawanda Smith

ShaWanda Smith is a native of Dayton, Ohio and growing up daughter of a Pastor was introduced to a love of music that soon become her reality. ShaWanda had the opportunity lead her first song with the church adult choir at age 5. This opportunity allowed for everyone to see the calling God had on her life. While ShaWanda is no stranger to writing and performing her own music, she has shared the stage in ministry with great gospel artists. She is also a praise team member and front-line singer for the Church of God in Christ International Music Department. ShaWanda’s goal is to remain humble and to keep God at the forefront of her ministry. In her sophomore project You, ShaWanda ministers in song a story that tells of her life’s experiences, her relationship with God, and His love and everlasting faithfulness. It is a project which every listener can relate. ShaWanda is the wife of Will Smith Jr. and together they have five children.

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