Stevin Crane

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio; Stevin Crane grew up in the church and began playing drums, piano, and singing in the youth choir. Inspired by many great artists, it encouraged him to pursue music ministry. In 2002, Stevin formed a group with co-leader Valaree Draine called Free Leaders of Worship (F.L.O.W.). As a young group they ministered singing the gospel throughout Ohio and Michigan. They released their first EP entitled F.L.O.W. (2008) and second EP in 2012. In 2013, Stevin received his Bachelor of Music Performance from Wright State University. He is currently part of the Dayton Opera and is also an educator. Stevin has spent the last decade serving as musician, worship leader, producer, and recording artists. He strives that his ministry makes it easier for God’s people to worship the father and help bring lost souls back under salvation. Stevin released his first solo entitled I Pray Healing. He will soon release his first album. .

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