The Word Thru Motion

The Word Thru Motion Inc is a Non-profit organization that started in January 2000 with the Founder Mrs. Tina Howard-Martin as the sole praise dancer. The name “The Word Thru Motion” came about when Founder Tina Martin was ministering through dance and was told by a mother of the church that watching her dance was like watching the pages of the Bible turn. Mrs. Martin started pouring into her daughters the love, passion, and the gift of dancing. From there, The Word Thru Motion Inc as you see it today was birth. This ministry of dance has grown in membership and is on the move. Today, The Word Thru Motion Inc has traveled all over the US. The Word Thru Motion Inc has been featured on the prestigious Dr. Bobby Jones Presents, TV 49, and All Nations TV. The Word Thru Motion Inc is dedicated to ministering God’s Word thru dance to His people. The ministry is currently based out of Augusta, Ga.

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