Tiffany Binion Mangum
(Fresno, California)

Tiffany Binion Mangum was born and raised in Fresno, California, to parents Dr. Paul and Valarie Binion. She was an
extremely gifted student during her formative years, attending Roosevelt High School of the Arts, following her passion to
study piano and voice. Tiffany furthered her education at California State University, Fresno, where she received her
Bachelor of Arts. Tiffany possesses over 20 years of music experience and has several years of training and teaching in
the arena of music and Creative Arts. Her learning and development in music began at an early age under the direction
of her mother, Director of Music and Worship Arts at a church lead by her father. She continues to be active in music
locally and nationally, as a result of her early training – serving in various capacities within the Worship Arts Ministry
including Praise & Worship Leader, Trainer/Teacher, songwriter, choir director, producer, and in other capacities outside
of her church organization (i.e. Christian music associations, consortiums, etc.). Tiffany is an active member of the
California Gospel Music Artists Association, National Alliance of Gospel Industry Professionals, Hawkins Music & Arts
Seminar, the Recording Academy (Grammy) and several others. She is skilled and trained in various genres of the Arts.
She continues to render her songwriting and music as a vocalist challenging her to reach a diverse audience of listeners.
As a vocalist, Tiffany aspires to increasingly develop her songwriting and vocal skills, continuing to grow in knowledge and
skill. Tiffany is currently working on her sophomore recording to be released in Spring 2019.