(Nashville, TN)

Toddefunk is an American singer/songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumental brainchild. An already accomplished musician, his music mixes Funk, Rock, R&B, Soul, and Pop– his fresh sound is what his loyal fans expect and he’ll bring. Toddefunk, the newest artist on the Professional Group’s roster recently inked a distribution deal with Caroline/ILS/Universal Music Group and is about to drop his latest single, NewCity much to the anticipation of his growing fan base. You’ve most likely seen him bringing the bass alive for TobyMac & Diverse City over the past 16 years. His magnet like energetic stage presence and dynamic bass playing keep you wanting more and that’s exactly what he’ll be delivering. Playing the bass from an early age, Toddefunk has found his own unique style where he’s emerged to the professional level as a bassist in his own right catching the eye of master luthier, Marco Cortes of Marco Bass Guitars, who is now developing the anticipated Toddefunk signature, Jazz Bass. Toddefunk is rooted in his style with influences from the flamboyant freaked out funk of Bootsy Collins, the socially conscious funky R&B of Sly and the Family Stone, and musical artistry of Prince. Toddefunk never loses sight of the Creator and his essential source of truth; this beautiful believer brings lyrically encouraging and an eclectic style that challenges some of today’s worldviews. His transparency will keep you grooving to a funky beat and coming back for more.