Tommy McGuffey & True Worship
(Dayton, Ohio)

Founder, Author, and Songwriter Tommy J. McGuffey Jr. has successfully begun to make his mark and is destined to
become highly ranked amongst other Daytonian musical legends. Since age four, McGuffey has mastered five musical
instruments; drums, piano, dulcimer, alto saxophone, and voice. McGuffey’s musical journey includes him participating in
the college division of the Gospel Music Workshop of America Inc. (GMWA), presenting original songs at the GMWA
National Convention, developing and instructing a musical educational track titled “Music in the Urban Church”,
performing for the SMAC Midwest Regional Conferences and sharing the stage with other musical greats. Of his countless
admirable accomplishments, forming True Worship, a gospel ensemble is the most highlighted. The declaration, released in
2016 and has since been an unstoppable force for the Kingdom of God! To add to his harmonious accomplishments,
McGuffey holds a B.A. (Sociology), a Masters (Public Administration) and is currently working on his Doctorate
(Organizational Development). Currently, McGuffey serves as Minister of Music and Worship & Arts at The Omega Baptist
Church and is the host of “The Pray’z Project” on Dayton’s Inspiration Station (97.9). He has recently completed his first
book, The Call: A Musical Guide Into The Urban Church. Decorated denominational contributor, workshop facilitator and
authentic worshiper Tommy J. McGuffey Jr. understands that nothing is as important as passion and he has made it his
mission, in word and deed, to ensure that everyone that he connects with echoes the same