Tramaine Graham

With a unique and versatile voice, Tremaine (Trey) Graham is a rare gift taking the gospel music industry by storm. As a producer, songwriter, and vocalist, he is the product of a great musical legacy. He attributes much of his talent to his late grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Newman, a bonafide vocalist, and his parents, Reverend and Elder Graham.

Trey Graham is a graduate of The Durham North Carolina School of the Arts and has toured & performed throughout Europe many island countries. Musically ambidextrous, he uses a blend of classical training, contemporary gospel as well as his traditional Southern roots to convey a dynamic message of faith. Tremaine brings an unparalleled flair and flavor to the Gospel music scene. He currently has three projects and brings his experience in the music and the message. Tremaine is known as author, producer, song writer, Minister, worship leader, teacher, musical director, and speaker.

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