Voiceless Praise
(Columbus, Ohio)

Voiceless Praise is an anointed group that represents ministry in motion. Our dynamic group is devised of three young men who have been given a vision by the Lord. Uniquely and silently, we interpret contemporary Gospel music with dramatic gestures and animated facial expressions, portraying man’s resistance to life’s evil temptations and His transformation from doubter to believer. Voiceless Praise Mime Ministry utilizes a form of worship that seeks to articulate the word and spirit of God through our body and we want to ensure that our message will transcend every generation. As young adults, we are particularly concerned about the issues and temptations that the youth face today. The men orchestrate our own choreography with an expression that touches the heart, mind, and spirit. Through our innovative work, we have had the distinct privilege to minister at churches, universities, youth events, conventions, conferences, etc. We utilize our gifts to witness, encourage, remind others of the good news, and to share the testimony.