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Your sponsorship commitment to the Kingdom Image Awards advances your company to be a great influence in the faith based company that reaches inside and beyond the traditional four walls of the church.  Our organization allows your company to attach itself to not only our programmatic efforts but also our philanthropy initiatives.  The benefit of being a partner with the Kingdom Image Awards increases your company’s brand awareness and fosters a commitment to your organization from wide demographic of loyal and consistent customers.  The impact of exposure reaches beyond the local market area, because of the talent and artistry connected to our organization, your company will transcend beyond the local geographic area. The Kingdom Image Awards is an organization who functions on a full calendar year basis; dependent upon your level of sponsorship, your company will receive exposure throughout all of our initiatives which brings new clientele and promotions on a consistent basis. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Ramani Hunter by phone at 217-369-4934 or email at